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Mobility Scooters: New Age Solution To Regain Lost Mobility

Mobility aids have emerged as the most popular disability aid these days and have proved themselves to be very instrumental in giving mobility back to people who have unfortunately lost it. With the numbers of mobility scooter manufacturers increasing day by day, the variety of mobility scooters available in the markets has also increased unprecedentedly.

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Paying for a Mobility Scooter

A number of scooter manufacturers accept Medicare claims to pay for at least a part, if not all, of the cost of the scooter. All that they need is an undertaking from your physician that your physical condition warrants use of a mobility scooter to provide you mobility.

Even if your physician does not think so, you still have all the liberty to visit a manufacturer or a reseller for a purchase. There are resellers who offer their own finance schemes on mobility scooters besides offering huge discounts on refurbished or obsolete models. General approximation says that you can get a base model at approximately $900 where as an all terrain model will cost you close to $3,000.

Modifying a mobility scooter.

With the mobility scooter markets witnessing an all time high, their accessories’ market is not far behind. For the user of a mobility scooter, protection from adverse weather is a prerequisite. There are a number of products that can protect a scooter user from rain such as a “mac” that has been designed to put on and take off with minimum effort. There are other rain shielding devices such as a ??canopy’ which can be fitted to the scooter to protect the user as well as the scooter from rain. Such canopies with transparent front and sides get attached to the scooter and the user is effectively placed inside the scooter.

The list of accessories that can be put on a disability scooter is endless. They not only protect the components of the scooter such as the batteries but also make the scooter more functional. Few most subscribed to accessories include mobile scooter garages, storage bags and spare batteries.

There are people around the world who may have lost physical mobility but certainly not their passion to remain independent and will to regain their physical mobility. One such outstanding example of will and passion is former British soldier Nick Priest who has made Britain’s most powerful mobility scooter. His creation has the combined power of six small Ford Fiestas. He calls his three wheeled scooter- ??Grunt’ which is 11 feet in length and is fitted with a roaring 7.2 litre engine of a V8 Dodge Charger. The 54 year soldier got inspired to build this machine after he lost his job as well as mobility on being diagnosed with fibromyalgia syndrome, a medical condition which causes tiredness coupled with debilitating pain.

Such stories act as a source of inspiration for all those less fortunate people who have been hit by the stroke of misfortune resulting in loss of their mobility. However, with the advent of such advanced technology in mobility scooters getting their mobility back is no more a complex issue.

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